Kaka Major IMpact

The captain took the ball out of the air with his chest. Settled it once more and curled a one-touch finish into the bottom corner of the net. It was Kaká’s third goal in four games since returning from injury.

“He’s been showing up at the right spots at the right time,” said Head Coach Jason Kreis. “Obviously, tonight’s goal was a special one.”

“In that much traffic to take it down the way he [Kaká] did and the way he calmly placed it around the defender in the far post, there’s not too many players that are capable of those types of goals,” Kreis said. “We know he’s a special player and we’re going to rely on special players to make special plays in these types of games.”

Kaká has a certain swagger about him on the pitch. His demeanor and performance goes a long way with his teammates. Midfielder Antonio Nocerino talked about his play and leadership after the game.

“I’m very happy because [Kaká] is an incredible player,” Nocerino said. “His physicality is incredible, he is incredible with the ball, and he is an incredible example for everyone.”

The 35-year-old, Kaka and Nocerino broke into a dance after the incredible goal that gave Orlando City a 2-1 lead and momentum early in the contest.

“Kaká has a young mentality,” Nocerino said. “Kaká and I know it is important to help, because when we do not win, the team is sad. We try to help the young guys, we try to [lead by] example, and it is a family moment.”