Orlando Pride

💬 Julie Doyle: Pride need more 'intensity' in first half following loss to Kansas City

Orlando Pride Head Coach Seb Hines

Opening statement  

It was a game of two halves. I think the first half wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t ourselves. The second half was better, more intent, more commitment in the attack and in defending but it was too little too late. Kansas were already two-nil up at the half. We tried to get back into the game, but it was too late." 

On the tactical change at the half 

“We're already two-nil down, so that's a mindset, right? You have to get back into the game, you have to be a little bit braver in our possession. I think the first time we tried to control the game in possession, we gave them a gift and they scored a simple goal. Then you're chasing the game a little bit in the first half. We felt like we needed to change some personnel, we needed to change formation have a little bit more intent in our press and put them under pressure. Then once we got that goal, from Marta, we changed it again to have more attacking threats. But like I said earlier, it was a little too late.” 

On starting eleven decision 

“I wanted to have more midfielders to control the game a little bit better. Against North Carolina, we didn't control the game at all. It was very transitional, so we needed to change that. You make decisions, you see the game, and how it can play out, and it didn't play out how we thought it would in the first half. We made some changes that second half, it was a little too late, being two goals down. Although, we gave them a gift, we had a reaction in the second half. They gave us a gift and we didn't capitalize on it. If we did, it could be a different game, different outcome, if we put our chances away. The game is built on goals, execution, final details, and final attack. With crosses and shots they got numbers behind the ball and we didn't really get clear sight of the goal. But we can do much better than we showed in that first half.”

Orlando Pride Defender Emily Madril

Opening statement 

“I think we're all pretty disappointed. If we would have come out in the first half like we did in the second half, it would have been a whole different game. I don't think we would have given up those two goals. I think it's unfortunate that we have to get scored on to wake ourselves up and take it up to that next level. If we can just come out like we did in the second half, I think it's a completely different game.” 

On her perspective of getting results against teams in the top of the table 

“I don't know, we've beat Portland and we've beat the Spirit and we see that they're all on top of the table and maybe that gives us an extra drive and that extra fire. Then we see Kansas City on the bottom and we think the win is going to happen. I think we all have to reflect and think about what kind of energy we're bringing to the field, to the game, and in the locker room and just believe and just put them on their heels from the first minute."

On why the team is struggling in back-to-back games 

“I think we are getting in our own way and I think it's not a matter of how we're playing, like the actual technical or tactical things. It’s all the mentality and I honestly don't know what it is and what we can do to fix it.The most important thing is, for myself, to reflect and think what I can do better and how I can encourage my teammates to be better. It's bringing that energy to the team and for everyone to look in the mirror and think, ‘How can I be better and how can I bring that next level to each and every practice and game?’”

Orlando Pride Forward Julie Doyle

On what was said during halftime to the team 

“I was warming up for half of it a bit on the field, but when I came into the locker room, [Head Coach] Seb [Hines] decided we needed to come out with some intensity because we looked very flat out there [on the field]. If we could just start the game like we finished the game, I think we wouldn't be chasing [the game]. Like he [Seb Hines] said, we needed to chase the game and we needed to end up tying or winning the game. Unfortunately, we didn't end up doing that.” 

On her perspective on the first half 

“It comes down to just bravery. We need more people just wanting the ball and we've done it. We've done it against Portland, we're doing against the best teams in the league. Why can't we do it now? I think that just shows our inexperience and we need to keep our heads up and know how good we are because when we believe in ourselves, we play well.” 

On the strikers inconsistencies  

“We're being told to win our individual battles and we most definitely need to do that. However, I feel like, sometimes, we're still getting to know each other and our tendencies and I feel like at times, we're almost too individual. So if we can just get that last piece of finding that final pass and really getting on the same page and the final third, I think that it would create more chances.”

Orlando Pride (0-1-1, 1 point) vs. Gotham FC (1-0-1, 4 points)

When: Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Exploria Stadium, Orlando, Fla

TV: Paramount+ (subscription required)