Josué Colmán Flashes in First Minutes at Orlando City Stadium

Colman Flash

Scoring a game-winning goal in your first minutes in front of the home crowd would be a dream for any new player coming into a team. For Orlando City’s new number 10, Josué Colmán, that dream became a reality. Well, part of it at least.

Colmán’s first goal in purple wasn’t one anyone would have imagined. When a Scott Sutter shot from distance deflected off Colmán’s shoulder and into the back of the net, not only had Orlando City won the match, but Colmán had opened his account in the most unconventional way possible.

41 minutes prior, Colmán came onto the pitch at the start of the second half. Jason Kreis shifted to a 4-2-3-1 formation and the nineteen-year-old played a crucial part.

“It is absolutely our ideal scenario to be able to play in different shapes,” said Kreis. “We’ve been working through that in preseason.”

With Kljestan, Meram and Colmán connecting in the midfield, play started to look like many would have imagined at the start of the season.

“I think there were some incredibly bright moments for [Colmán]”, said Kreis. “You see what a special player he can be. You can see that he has the ability to unlock some things. He has fantastic quickness and speed and I think brings us a really different element.”

With a heap of praise for the young midfielder also comes some areas for improvement from the head coach.

“There was some moments there where we prefer him to be a little more simple. But all in all, couldn’t be happier.”

In the second half, City controlled 7 of 9 five minutes intervals of possession including the final 20 minutes where the Lions dominated on the ball.

Colemán’s natural ability on the ball was evident and his attacking threat seemed to open up space on the pitch for his teammates.

We’ll see if Colmán can build on this performance at the Portland Timbers come to town this Sunday.