Class of 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. – Feb. 7, 2018 – Orlando City Youth Soccer (OCYS) is pleased to announce and congratulate players that committed to play collegiate soccer next year. OCYS has a long history of college placement and we are proud of the hard work and commitment from these players, their coaches and families over the past years through our various programs.  

 “Many congratulations to all these players on their commitment to continuing their soccer career. It doesn’t go unnoticed that the hard work by these players, their coaches and families is a reason they are committed today.” Paul Shaw, OCYS Technical Director.

“We could not be prouder of all the players who have come through the OCYS programs who have committed their futures to play collegiate soccer today. The amount of hard work they have put in on and off the field to get here is incredible and today is proof of their resolution to the sport. As a club, Orlando City Youth continues to develop a substantial amount of players to further their soccer careers at the collegiate level. Providing a platform for these players to further their ambitions in soccer remains the focal point of the clubs objectives.” Sam Mitchell, Girls ECNL Director.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018

<p>Katlin Evans</p>
<p>Rollins College</p>
<p>Hensley Hancuff</p>
<p>Villanova University</p>
<p>Darya Rajaee</p>
<p>University of Central Florida</p>
<p>Kristen Scott</p>
<p>University of Central Florida</p>
<p>Hannah Telleysh</p>
<p>University of South Florida</p>
<p>Taylor Smith</p>
<p>Florida Atlantic University</p>
<p>Brin Wexler</p>
<p>Flagler College</p>
<p>Mary Peace</p>
<p>University of Florida</p>
<p>Amanda Martin</p>
<p>University of South Carolina</p>
<p>Julia Martin</p>
<p>University of North Florida</p>
<p>Janae Brown</p>
<p>Alabama State University</p>
<p>Gabby Labrador</p>
<p>Southeastern University</p>
<p>Holly Eddins</p>
<p>Southeastern University</p>
<p>Julia England</p>
<p>Jacksonville State University</p>
<p>Sarah Bissett</p>
<p>Catawba College</p>
<p>Grace Howell</p>
<p>St Leo University</p>
<p>Vanessa Piermont</p>
<p>University of North Florida</p>
<p>Cameron Walton</p>
<p>Missouri Southern State University</p>
<p>Genesis Martinez</p>
<p>Eckerd College</p>
<p>Kayla Hartmann</p>
<p>Shorter University</p>
<p>Kaylee Haas</p>
<p>Reinhardt University</p>
<p>Rachel Boyd</p>
<p>Southeastern University</p>
<p>Grace McEnerney</p>
<p>Truett McConnell University</p>
<p>Max Torres</p>
<p>University of North Florida</p>
<p>Jenna Lantrip</p>
<p>Florida Institute ofTechnology</p>