Carrasco 5 questions

What was your impression of Orlando City and the City of Orlando before you came here?
“I’ve actually heard great things. I know a couple of the guys from Houston. I played with Corey, I played with Tally, I played with (Tony) Cascio, they’ve all said great things about the facilities, the staff, about the fans, and I was just ready to get here once I found out.”

Obviously you’re married to Alex Morgan, what was being at the Women’s World Cup like?
“It was amazing. With our hectic schedule, I rarely get to see her play in person so to be able to go to the first game and to the final was something really special and to see them hoist that trophy in person was something that I’ll never forget.”

You’ve played in cities like Seattle, Kansas City, Houston – teams known for their great fan bases. What have you heard about the fans here in Orlando?
“I actually got a little taste of it three years ago. We were here for a scrimmage against Orlando when they were still in the USL. I think they had like 15 or 18,000 for a friendly, which was just something incredible. I’ve seen a couple of the games on TV. I saw the game against LA, saw the game against DC and the fans have just been tremendous the entire year. You can hear them chant the entire game so to be able to play in front of that is going to be something special, for sure.”

What is your favorite food, movie, and hobby?
“I would say tacos al pastor, just from back home. Favorite movie, that’s a tough one too. Meet Joe Black. Surfing. When I’m back home, I love to be in the water, whether it’s paddle boarding, fishing, surfing, anything that involves the beach, I’m definitely there.”

Who are your favorite players and team to watch?
“It’s funny because my favorite player is (Andrea) Pirlo. He was my favorite player growing up. Him, Xavi Alonso, and Paul Scholes were my three favorite players growing up and guys that I tried to emulate. To play alongside one of your childhood heroes was definitely something that I’ll never forget and obviously the result didn’t go our way but still, to chase him around was something that I thought I’d never get to do. [My favorite team is] Barcelona.”