Orlando City

💬 Facundo Torres: 'I think we played a really good game against a tough rival' in scoreless draw with Seattle

Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Overall thoughts on the game 

“We walk off the field with the sensation that we could have won it and that feeling is heavy right now in the locker room because we had our chances at the end, especially in the second half. Even in the first half, we had [chances]. It’s a game very well played by the players with a lot of personality in a very difficult place against a very good team. I think we dominated the game in terms of the clear options. We’re going to walk off with that point and take it proudly and take it to Orlando with our commitment to be heavy at home and keep ascending in the standings.” 
On earning a point from the match 

“We are [happy]. We are because the game was very complete and the performance. Having those options just makes us feel that we are getting heavier up front. We created much more volume, so we’re in a good direction in that side. The feeling is good, it’s a little bit mixed as I said with the feeling that we could have three points, but after the traveling and coming across the country and playing on two difficult fields in a week, the boys have responded very well. I’m really proud of this group.” 

On how to help the team have more composure in front of goal 

“It’s a point of the night that just makes us walk off with that frustration knowing that we had the game in a position to kill it and take the three points in a very clear [chance]. We’re trying hard and increasing our training and our consciousness about what we need in that last pass and that last touch. I think the boys have been getting much better. Against Philadelphia we scored two goals and could have scored more and today I know we had those options that I know we’ll remember and that makes us breathe heavier. We’re conscious about it, we know. We’re going to keep working, we know our responsibility. The boys have had a great effort and I respect them a lot. They’re very professional and they will get there.”

Orlando City Forward Facundo Torres

On playing a full 90 in his return from international duty 

“It was a good game. We knew that we were going to be coming in against against a tough rival. I think we played well, but obviously a little tired. Especially me from the game with the national team and then of course the long travel that we've all had as well. But, we knew that we were going to be playing a tough game against a tough rival. We created some chances. Obviously [we’re] a little frustrated not to be able to get the goal on some of those chances, but the important part is that we are creating those chances against a very difficult team." 
On the chance he had in the 89th minute 

“As I said, we had various chances. First Mauricio [Pereyra] had one that unfortunately wasn’t able to get in and then I had that one [in the 89th minute] and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it either. But, I think the most important part is that we were creating those chances. The game certainly changed when Mauricio entered and it's obvious the importance that he has for us as a team. When he entered we were able to start creating those chances and getting into dangerous positions. I think the ball that fell to me there was within my ability and I was actually trying to cross it but I hit it a little bit open. I was trying to hit it with that flavor that Mauricio has typically and again, we'll look forward to the next game and try and take all three points.” 
On what contributed to him getting more opportunities later in the game 

“I was a little tired from the long travel, but we spent the last couple of days trying to rest and recuperate from all that. I don't think that's an excuse at all. I think the game was certain to find itself with a strong team as the game went on. I think we just continued to play better and better, I think we played a really strong game. Unfortunate to not take three points like I wanted to on this road trip, but I think we played a really good game against a tough rival here in Seattle.”