Will Johnson Tour

Monday morning brought some excitement around City headquarters. New signing Will Johnson took in a tour of City's new downtown stadium and stopped by the front office to meet City's staff. Following the tours Mackenzie Thirkill with Will one on one for an entertaining Facebook Live to get to know City's new man.

The Highlights:

Messi or Ronaldo?

We'll get to the tough question right away. Will showed love to both sides of the isle in the soccer community's great debate but in the end, Will leaned towards Messi for his play over the last ten years.

Favorite Player?

In Major League Soccer, Will could not pick one. Instead, the names that made the cut were Steven Gerrard, Ignacio Piatti, and former teammates Diego Valeri, Sebastian Giovinco, Michael Bradley, and Jozy Altidore. 

Best Prank?

It involved Sebastian Giovinco and cars. Let's just say even the Atomic Ant couldn't get into his car. Watch the interview for the full explanation below. 

We'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for any shenanigans Will pulls on the boys. 

Favorite Premier League Club?

This one wasn't difficult for Will. Liverpool. The City midfielder grew up in England, just north of Liverpool in a town called Southport and recalls trips to Anfield to cheer on the reds in his youth. He's been a fan ever since, but admittedly he's not a fan of the rabid variety. 

For more tough questions Will answered with Mackenzie, watch the full Facebook Live interview below: