Orlando Pride

💬 Erika Tymrak: Pride put in a 'pretty complete 90 minutes' in draw vs Gotham

Orlando Pride Head Coach Seb Hines 

Overall thoughts on the game 

“Disappointed that we haven't come away with three points, I think all the players feel the same way. It was a complete performance, we were very difficult to play against and, considering they've [Gotham] got some of the best players in the league, I felt the back line, midfielders, forwards...they all worked extremely hard to get a clean sheet tonight. I'm really happy with them. We created a lot of opportunities, as well, it just didn't fall our way but there's a lot of growth in today's game and we're still building that momentum. Now we're just looking forward to the next game because we're starting to gel and get together and connecting a lot better now. So, yeah, overall pleased that performance both felt like we could have won the game, certainly.” 

On containing Lynn Williams on the night 

“I mean I feel you fall into that every game, right? There's a lot of pace, a lot of power in the forwards within this league. We had played against her earlier on in the season, I thought we did okay against her, but tonight we tried to minimize the space, the time where she could dribble and drive. Again, I thought the back line did tremendously well to prevent any sort of clear-cut opportunities from Gotham. It's building relationships, it's being hard to play against, it's that desire, that attitude to keep a ball out of the back of the net. I thought they were brilliant.” 

On if the culture within the player to be unsatisfied with a draw 

“Any professional, you are never settled on what you have right now. You're always searching for more, you always want more. Looking back at the start the year, we lost a lot of points and now we have to get them back. I thought last game at home Gotham stole points off us and that was the message going into this game, we need to get these points back. The attitude of the players has been first class. They're always wanting to push the boundaries, they want to work hard, they want to work for each other. Again it goes back to the culture of the team, the culture is we got to earn it, earn every point that's there for us. So to walk away tonight disappointed is a positive because the players put in so much work. We actually played as well tonight, we played some nice football. We created some good opportunities in this game, the hardest thing is scoring goals. So again there's a lot of positives from this performance and we have to take it into the next game against Washington next week in front of our fans.”

Orlando Pride Defender Emily Madril 

Overall thoughts on the game 

“I think we're all a little bit disappointed, it kind of feels like a loss because I think we played well the whole game and had the better chances. I think they might have had more possession, but I think the quality of our possession was better than theirs. So we're disappointed, but there's a lot of good things to take from this game.” 

On how three games with the same defense has helped learn tendencies  

“I think at the beginning you have to experiment a little bit and see what the best fit is. So the backline was changing a little bit in the beginning, but now that we're kind of set and we all are learning each other, it just helps us to be able to predict what's going to happen and help us create that togetherness in the back line and I think that also carries forward and to the rest of the team. So it's been good to build those connections with the back line and with Anna [Moorhouse], it's been really helpful.”  

On her mindset defending some of the top talent in the league 

“I think, of course, they're really good and as you said, they're really fast. But I think we did well against them tonight and at the end of the day, they're just players. Of course, they're great players, but just have to treat them like everybody else and be prepared for anything. We know that they're pushing runners, and they like to run like to get behind the back line, so just trying to anticipate that, and I think we did really well with that tonight.”

Orlando Pride Forward Erika Tymrak 

Overall thoughts on the game 

“Honestly, kind of feels like a loss. I feel like the game was ours for the taking so we're disappointed with that, but a lot of good takeaways. Getting a point on the road is always a positive, getting a shutout is always a positive and the team put in a pretty complete 90 [minutes]. We just have to have that last piece of finishing, but definitely a lot of takeaways that we move forward to next week.” 

On if it’s progression from the team to be upset with a draw 

“That's a fair point. I just think we put in so much training preparation that when we don't get three points, it hurts. And we take it personal. Seb’s created that environment where we're always wanting more and always hungry for more. But again, we keep moving forward and we've grown every game and we've put together three really solid regular season performances. So, like I said, there's a lot of good takeaways but we definitely want more moving forward.” 

On what 175 appearances means to her 

“Makes me feel old, first off. But it's pretty cool. I've been in the league since the beginning and I feel like I've grown a lot as a player and I'm still growing as a player, which is pretty cool. 31 and still learning a lot about the game. So that's cool. I attribute a lot of that to our coaching staff who is constantly pushing me to evolve and learn more, even though I am a veteran. But it's a really good group of girls this year and it feels really good to get 175 with Orlando.”