Orlando City

💬 Duncan McGuire: 'We’ve just got to keep building' after draw with Inter Miami 

Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening statement 

“It was a very competitive match, of course we are battling for our fans, the stadium and the company that we have. The stamina in the game was raised from the first minute and then many times the game became very rocky. We could’ve had more clarity in the two boxes when we were attacking and be cleaner when making a decision and not having to suffer that much to score the goal that equalized the game. At the end, I think we pushed, we played well. I don’t like to say that we deserved more because that’s soccer, it’s not a good phrase. We have to be cleaner in these types of games, where there’s not many options, the gaps are closed, and we had our moments to finish. But we take the point, we have 51 points and we are second [in the conference standings]. The boys deserve a lot and this is the taste of what is coming from us. Every game is like a playoff game and we’re proud of the players.” 

On his team's approach to attacking Inter Miami CF’s formation 

“We knew that they were going to crowd the middle with this defensive five and the three midfielders, normally what you have is eight players in front of you, there’s not much space there. Then if you are not very precise when you have the chances, that becomes dangerous. While they wait up front for the opportunity, they take advantage, the game becomes undeserving and you’re losing 1-0. I have to give credit to our players, our mentality towards attacking until the last minute and trying to win the game, and making the substitutions that can bring us some energy, sometimes it jeopardizes the result, but we were not happy with the tie. We had a couple chances to take the three points. But we take it and I think it’s a very valuable point against a team that’s very well coached and has improved a lot.” 

On how he saw the second half develop 

“Two things that are important for Orlando, first to start cleaning the things up when we have the chances and to be more lethal there and we have to be better in our defensive third. There are times where you don’t score goals, but you have to keep your opponent at zero. The decision to remove Cesar [Araujo], he was playing a good game, and he was healthy, it was a hard decision to take him off for Wilder [Cartegena]. I wanted Mauricio [Pereyra] to occupy that space and connect us with his ability to create from that zone and bring another striker. It was risky, but I think the game deserved it. We wanted to go for them. The goal came and they just started looking like it was too much, but the boys are believing we can win the games. We can win and we went forward, we took the risk, but we could have won it too.”

Orlando City SC Forward Duncan McGuire

On scoring the equalizing goal 

“I saw the guys making a lot of good runs forward and opening up spaces. I got one-on-one with the defender and luckily the ball bounced in my path. I saw my chance and took it. So, good work by the boys.”

On the rivalry between the two sides 

“It’s definitely something special when you have a rivalry game like this. To play there [Fort Lauderdale] two times and to see the crowds coming out and then to play here and have the whole stadium lined up behind us, it’s definitely something special. When you’re out there it feels a little bit more than just a normal regular-season game when you’re playing a rivalry like this.” 

On the next four games going into Audi MLS Cup Playoffs 

“We’ve been in good form since Leagues Cup. We’ve won a lot of games. I think we’ve just got to keep building on what we’ve built so far. We’ve done a good job getting ready during the week for games and I think we’ve just got to put our heads down and get ready for Montréal.”

Orlando City SC Goalkeeper Pedro Gallese

On Orlando City’s standing in the league

“We’re in second place right now in the conference and third place in the entire league. We’re in a good position, but we know we can’t relax, and we can’t rest because of some of the results that have happened recently. We’re good, we're confident in the team that we have and we’re going to keep pushing for more.”

On making the most of the atmosphere tonight

“I'm very happy with the fans. We have qualified for the playoffs for a fourth season in a row and that's because of everybody in the Club and we know it's a great time for the fans and we're so thankful for their support.”

On consistency with switches of the other team's playing style & preparedness

“As a player you always want to play against the best team possible. We knew that there were going to be changes coming in and that we were going to be preparing for a different team than we may have faced if they didn't have [the Open Cup] final a few days later. We always want to play against the best version possible. We weren't able to play their full team tonight, but we are happy with the point because of all our hard work throughout the week."