Cyle Larin Stacks up Statistically with the Best in MLS

Larin Stats

After winning MLS Rookie of the Year last season, Forward Cyle Larin has done pretty well for himself. With 13 goals this season, Larin is the 5th ranked goal-scorer in the league and in the running for the Golden Boot. But how does he match up to other strikers in the league statistically? 

With his 13 goals on the season, Larin falls just three goals short of the top three scorers in the league: Sebastian Giovinco, David Villa, and Bradley Wright-Phillips. But with Giovinco likely out for the next month, there is an opportunity for someone to rise to the challenge and overtake his spot at #1. Above all the others, Larin has the technical skill and precision to take that spot for himself. 

Larin has a scoring percentage of 21%, which means for he has scored on 21% of the shots he has taken. That is highest amongst the top ten goal-scorers in the league and nearly double that of fellow golden boot contender David Villa. He has taken just 62 shots to Villa’s 133 and Giovinco’s 162. Why does that matter? If Larin was taking the same number of shots as Giovinco, with his scoring percentage he would have 34 goals this season. Obviously it’s not likely that he would retain that percentage if he were taking that many shots, but the point is clear-- finishing matters.

Breaking down Larin’s goals, he has scored eleven from open play and two on set pieces. That is the second most goals scored in open play this season in the league. Eight of his thirteen goals have been scored in front of a home crowd. In fact, his goals constitute nearly one third of Orlando City’s goals both in the overall season and at home. 

So how does Larin compare to other strikers in the league? While he may be behind a bit in the number of goals scored, the technical skill and other details behind his goals tell a different story. Larin is not only one of the best goal-scorers in the league, he is an asset to his team and to the league as a whole. 

The strikers consistency has come to be something the Lions have relied on. Following the team’s 2-1 loss to Toronto last week,  Head Coach Jason Kreis commented on Larin’s performance that saw him find the back of the net once and record three other near misses. He knows that every time Larin shoots there is a good chance he’ll find the back of the net. “I think the chances were there for him to score,” Kreis said after the match. “On a different night, he scores all of them and we walk out of here winners.” 

Orlando City has a couple of crucial matches coming up. Maybe Kreis’ statement will come true, and Orlando City’s golden striker will send them home winners. It wouldn’t be the first time-- nor, we suspect, would it be the last.