Edwards Morgan

Alex Morgan and Becky Edwards have been through alot together. They’ve played together in Portland, in New York, and in Orlando. In the Women’s Professional Soccer League (WPS), Morgan and Edwards played together to earn a regular season title and a WPS championship. They were both playing for the Portland Thorns in the league’s inaugural season, and won the first ever NWSL championship. Now, Morgan has to learn how to say goodbye to a player that has been by her side for so long.

“I’ve known Becky for a really long time, actually I’ve played on every single club team with Becky in my professional career,” Morgan said after training on Wednesday. “I could tell everyone that she’s the most professional when it comes to doing things the right way, and making sure she takes care of her body, making sure she checks in with the coaches, she’s the ultimate professional. I feel like I’ve looked up to that for so long and I feel like that’s held everyone else accountable.”

But the friendship between Morgan and Edwards extends beyond the soccer pitch. “Off the field, she’s just an amazing person, she’s uplifting, she’s positive, she’s one of my really good friends,” Morgan said. “I’m gonna really miss her on this team, but I also wish her the best in everything in the future.”

Edwards has played professional soccer for six years, and played at the college level with Florida State University before that. While Edwards may be retiring from the game, Morgan knows that she’ll continue to be involved off the pitch in some capacity. “She won’t get too far away from soccer,” Morgan said. “She loves this game.”