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City Fans, the Orlando City specialty license plate presented by Ford is now available at your nearest Tax Collector’s office! Thank you for helping us make this a reality.

What's next?

If you ordered your free Pre-Sale Voucher through our Club form, you should have received a pre-sale voucher receipt in the mail from the Tax Collector's Office of Indian River County. The voucher can now be redeemed at any Tax Collector or Division of Motor Vehicles office in the State of Florida. Your voucher has already been associated with your name and driver's license. It can only be used by you and you are not required to present the voucher to redeem your plate. If you signed up but have not yet received your voucher, please contact the Indian River Tax Collector's office.

If you ordered it directly from your nearest Tax Collector or DMV, please reach out to them to get more information on how and when to redeem your voucher.

Key facts

➖ If you ordered your voucher through our Club form, your free Pre-Sale Voucher will cover the $25 Orlando City Soccer Club specialty license plate fee (donation fee) until your next renewal date. The club is also covering the $5 registration/processing fee and $2.50 agency fee for the plate. Additional fees may apply and will vary based on your vehicle class, registration date, etc.

➖ You can decide to get your new plate right away or wait until your regular renewal, typically the month and day you were born. You can also renew your registration 90 days before your renewal date. Of course, if you do it at your regular registration, you will still pay your normal registration fees based on your vehicle.

➖ Some fans have also asked about personalizing their Orlando City Soccer Club plate. That is also your option and choice. Please note the state charges an extra fee for personalizing your plate.

We value our fans

A portion of the plate proceeds benefit the Orlando City Foundation and help us to continue to grow the game and support the next generation of players. We could not have achieved this new milestone without your support, so thank you! We look forward to seeing you on the road sporting your new Orlando City Soccer Club specialty license plate.

Where can I order my license plate?

We have reached our free Pre-Sale Voucher limit and thus have closed our Club application process. However, if you missed out on ordering your Pre-Sale Voucher via our Club form, you can either visit your nearest Tax Collector or DMV office in person or order yours online through the Orange County Tax Collector here.