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💬 Ally Watt: 'I don’t think that any of us expected it' after scoring fastest goal in Orlando Pride history

Orlando Pride Head Coach Seb Hines

Opening statement  

“Massive win tonight. We are running out of games now with only three games to go. We have to give absolutely everything. I think, looking back, some of the performances were brilliant and we haven’t rewarded ourselves with three points. I am so happy that we were able to get up in the game and take our opportunities. A lot of credit has to go to the players because they are the ones that are competing and going out there day in and day out in training and performing at such a high level. I feel we made it uncomfortable for North Carolina going up in the game and not giving them too much playing through the lines and stopping their rhythm. You have to have the right mindset to do that, and I thought everyone from back to front did their job and were brilliant at their job.” 

On if Ally Watt’s goal coming so early impacted the match 

“It doesn't change anything, we talked about starting the game quickly. The first pass, first dribble, setting a tone, straight from kickoff, and it's the best way to start a game, scoring a goal. It didn't really change our game plan. We wanted to start fast, we wanted to start with pressure, stick to our identity, even though we know that North Carolina possess the ball really well. Sean [Nahas] done a terrific job with that team. They really set a good tempo in possession. We have to respect that. One of our threats is transition and being threatening in transition. And getting the reward with a couple of goals, that goes a long way. We're all pleased from a staff perspective that we were able to capitalize on the moment.” 

On Adriana’s evolution as a Pride player 

“She's a brilliant player, terrific player, anywhere on that front line she can play. We want to have versatile players, we don't just want players who can just stick to one position. Having the ability to play, whether it's on the right or the left, or as a nine. She has so many good qualities and obviously dribbling is one of them and having a killer shot. She takes the goal really well. In our ability to be threatening, not only through the lines but also in behind, you see two different types of goals. Ally [Watt] took her goal really well. [I’m very] pleased for Ally because she's put so much work into her craft the last couple of weeks, and she gets a reward with a goal. There's a game within the game as well. Having a threat like Messiah [Bright] come off the bench, she's done extremely well all season, playing her part coming off the bench as the rest of them. I’m really pleased Adri, that she could get a goal and continue her momentum. Obviously, she goes away with Brazil, and she can continue to be a threatening player for international duty but have that hunger to come back and do her job for the Pride. We got a lot of good threats in the attack.”

Orlando Pride Forward Julie Doyle 

Opening statement 

“It feels so good, we’ve been working so freaking hard, and it’s so nice to finally get the reward. I think you’ve seen this team have games like this and sometimes it just doesn’t go our way so for it to finally go our way, it’s just such a relief.” 

On the assist and what she saw 

“I saw Marta get it and whenever Marta gets it on her left foot, that means I have to run into the backspace, I know that she can find me through and that’s what she did. I saw Adriana had a ton of space in behind because they were really high, and Adriana is so fast, all I had to do was get it to her and I know that she’ll do great things and that’s what we saw.” 

On the style of game that was played 

“They’re a team that gets 500 passes per game, so credit to them they’re a super good football team. We knew we had to be disciplined in our defensive shape, that’s what we’ve been working on all week, and we really just had to stay compact, stay as a unit, lots of communication. When it started getting quiet out there, I was like ‘It’s too quiet’ yelling at everyone ‘you have to stay switched on, because they’ll break us down the minute that you fall asleep.’ I’m just super proud of us for staying locked in and concentrated.”

Orlando Pride forward Ally Watt

On what it felt like to score the Pride’s fastest goal in Club history  

“It was super fast and I don’t think that any of us expected it. We’ve been taking pride in the fact that we have been starting so well in the games but we haven’t been getting results. We finally got a result to lead the game early and take control of the game. It really set the tone for us to be able to control the game and it took pressure off of us to realize that now we can just sit in our game plan and execute everything.”

On how the early goal could have changed North Carolina’s game plan  

“I think it definitely set them back in their game plan because we’ve seen our past games with them and we see that they have scored quite a few goals on us. Having us finally come in and say ‘no, we are taking control of this game’ really set them off and frustrated them, but it gave us the confidence that we’ve always had but to see it on the field and execute it was what we really needed.”  

On what it’s like to play with Adriana and Marta 

“To be playing with one of the greatest players in women’s soccer, and honestly the greatest player of all time, you just realize that we have fully trust them at all times. Adriana is called ‘The Wizard’ for a reason, she gives balls off in the most magical way I’ve ever seen. We have full trust in them and when we make the run we know where to get the ball and when they have the ball they might make some magic on their own. We always have to be prepared for what they are providing because they are very unpredictable players and that's what we love about them and what the opponent hates about them. We always need to be ready in case they give us a ball for an easy pass like Adriana did or off her goal like she did. I thought she was going to score the goal but then she passed it to me and I scored the goal.”

Orlando Pride (8-10-1, 25 points) at Angel City FC (6-6-7, 25 points)

When: Monday, October 2, 10:00 p.m.

_Where:  _BMO Stadium, Los Angeles, CA

TV: CBS Sports Network (subscription required)