2019-2020 OCYS Team Formation

Team Formation & Player Placement

There are three key areas to team formation

  1. Intent to Play Registration
  2. Attendance at Player Evaluation Sessions (formerly called tryouts)
  3. Team Placement & Post Placement Procedures

1. Intent to Play & Registration

The Intent to Play process is similar to the pre-registration of prior years. By registering you are stating your intent to be placed on an Orlando City Youth Soccer team. This includes registration for the Player Evaluation Sessions, completing the 2019-20 documentation required and collecting your player identification number from the main office.  

     A. Complete Online Documents

Please read and complete the online documents prior to online registration and early check-in. These forms must be completed to initiate early check-in and/or register once selected for a team at player placement.  Once selected for a team, you are not committed to the 2019/20 Season until you register online and pay.  If the decision is made not to register, your documents will be deleted from our data base.  

Click Here to Complete Online Documents

      B. Register Online with Gotsoccer Login

All participants, returning and prospective players must register for player evaluation sessions using your existing Gotsoccer account. Click Here to look up your Gotsoccer login.

Click Here for Gotsoccer Player Evaluation Session Registration

    C. Collect your identification number from the office at Seminole Soccer Complex.

Each participant is assigned an identification number for the duration of player placement. This is similar to a race bib and is pinned to the short the participant wears.

To avoid lines on the day of player placement, we strongly encourage all registrants to do an early check in, starting April 1 at the OCYS office, to collect the registration number and check in.  The office is open until 7pm, Monday - Thursday starting April 1, for your convenience.

OCYS Office 1900 Seminole Soccer Loop, Sanford, FL  32771 - Hours 9:00am-6:00pm

2. Player Evaluation Sessions

  1. Participants must have completed the check in process and received an identification number.
  2. Wear apparel that does not identify your current club.
  3. Bring a ball, water bottle and wear shin guards.
  4. Follow the direction of the coaches.
  5. You will be notified by email, at any point in the tryout of your team placement. You will be able to register for your team online (via email link) or  in person with selection email, at team registration in the main office at Seminole Soccer Complex. Completing online registration secures your spot with OCYS.
  6. Bring “Identification email” – this email is sent prior to player placement and have the player's gotsoccer username and password.

3. Team Placement & Post Placement Instructions

The coach will communicate to you your team placement.

To secure your placement, you can either click on the registration link in your placement email and complete online registration, or you will need to bring the following to the registration office. The office is open during tryouts until 9:30pm.

  1. Bring the identification email.
  2. Have your Gotsoccer username and password with you.
  3. Bring your team placement email issued to you.
  4. Bring your non refundable deposit of $400 and select your payment place.
    1. Click here for Youth 2019-2020 fees.
    2. ECNL fees & Information

Participants, who wish to check in or who have not completed the Intent to Play process must be prepared to complete the required paperwork and check in at the OCYS office on Player Evaluation session dates. This is not advisable due to the volume of players participating.