Youth Academy

The Orlando City Youth is Florida's leading program for developing players from 8-18. Orlando City Youth offers team levels from local league level (Greater Central Florida League AKA GCF) to State Level (US Club and Florida State Premier League) to National League Level. The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) program is a national level league for both Boys and Girls. For those with ambition to play collegiately, the ECNL gives players exposure to College coaches through its Showcases. Orlando City Youth hosts the Winter Showcase annually with attendance of over 300 College coaches.  ECNL is only available to players born 2000-2006 (U13 - U18/19 ages).

Our Team Level Structure

Our Academy is divided into Junior Academy and Senior Academy. Teams are determined by age and then team level. Our Senior Academy is for players born 2000-2006 and who play on 11v11 teams (full sided games). Our Junior Academy refers to all players aged 2007-2011 who play on either 7v7 or 9v9 teams (small sided games). 

Senior Academy

  • Our top level teams are called "ECNL" and play in the ECNL Southeast League between August and May. 
    • They attend 2-3 ECNL showcases annually (including the Winter Showcase that we host at Seminole Soccer Complex).
    • They train at minimum 3 times a week. 
  • Our second level teams we refer to as "Purple" or "Purple/League" for example if the second team plays in the National Premier League (NPL) we would refer to them as Purple/NPL or Purple/FPL. 
    • They train 3 times a week.
    • Participate in FYSA State Cup or Presidents Cup.
  • Our third, fourth, fifth teams we call White 1, 2, etc. The difference between Purple and White is the training frequency.  White teams train 2 times per week in season and they participate in the GCF league, a local league in Central Florida.
    • ​Participate in FYSA Presidents or Commissioners Cup (where appropriate).

​Junior Academy

  • ​Similar to the Senior Academy our top teams are called Pre-ECNL and participate in the Pre-ECNL Developmental League.
    • ​Train 3 times a week in season.
    • Participate in Presidents or Commissioners Cup (where appropriate and determined by Club staff).
  • ​Our second level teams are called "Purple" or "Purple/League" for example Purple/Pre-NPL.
    • The train 3 times a week in season. 
    • Participate in Presidents or Commissioners Cup (where appropriate and determined by Club staff)
  • Our third, fourth, fifth teams we call "White" 1, 2 or "Bridge". They participate in the GCF League, a local league in Central Florida
    • ​They train 2 times a week in season.

All players are coached in the Orlando City system and philosophy of play by professional coaches. All players tryout for teams in May, this is a standard time for all clubs in Florida and is dictated by our governing bodies (FYSA and US Club).  Player movement between teams is possible throughout the year, when a player demonstrates improvement.

Pricing 2018-2019

Club fees are below. To learn more about what this includes and what additional costs there are see uniform and team fees below.


Birth Year/Team Levels

Playing Format


Club Fees

Total Annual Club Fee*

Junior Academy Teams 
2009-2010 Pre-ECNL & Purple 
2009-2010 White & 2011 Bridge 
2007-2008 Pre-ECNL & Purple 
2007-2008 White 

Senior Academy Teams 
2000-2006 ECNL
2000-2006 Purple 
2000-2006 White


What do our Club fees cover?

What do our ECNL Club fees cover?

*Deposits are non refundable. Returning players receive a $150 loyalty discount on the deposit when registration occurs during the tryout period. This discount is available until May 5 for ECNL/US Club tryouts and May 11 for FYSA tryouts. This reduces the total annual club fee by $150.


Uniform Fees

All OCYSC players must purchase their uniform kit online from made available to you by your Team Manager. A link will be available to you late June of each year.

OCYSC uniforms are provided by They provide the end to end management of all uniform and gear ordering process as well as our spirit store. Uniform cycles are every two years. Our cycle began in 2017-18, those players returning for the 2018-19 season will not need to purchase a new uniform kit unless they choose to. All new players for 2018-19 must order a uniform kit. 

A complete kit includes; Adidas Home & Away jersey, shorts and socks, training jerseys and socks. Additional items include but are not required, warm up and backpack. Youth sized kits are approximately $257 and adult sized $272. 


Team Fees

We recognize that teams and families make their own choices regarding how to travel. Some prefer to fly, others prefer to drive, some like to car pool, others prefer to drive alone. We leave these choices to you. In addition to travel related expenses, all team decisions are paid for by the families participating. An example of this would be College Showcases and Tournaments. 


More information?

If you would like more information about Orlando City Youth or the 2018-19 season, please contact the appropriate director below, or call our youth office at 407.321.5264.

Please contact the Technical Director Paul Shaw