Go to the kiosk in the concourse near Gate C for more information and to sign up!


TEAM Coalition and Major League Soccer have been working together in support of designated driver programs at MLS stadiums for more than a decade. Every MLS club offers the program to their supporters. Designated Drivers must agree to the following pledge in order to participate in the program.

Designated Driver Pledge

  • Not to drink alcohol at the game and while they are serving as the designated driver for their group
  • Provide safe transportation home for their group
  • Designated drivers must be over the legal age to drink alcohol

In exchange for making the pledge, supporters are rewarded with a Coupon for a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage

  • The beverage may be a water, soft drink or non-alcoholic brew
  • Coupon redemption may be limited to a specific number of points of sale in the stadium
  • In some cases, a supply of bottled water is brought to the designated driver booth and bottles are handed to the supporters after they complete the pledge form
  • The cost of the complimentary drink may be covered by the concessionaire, the team or the program sponsor
  • In some cases, there is a limit to how many complimentary drinks are given per game

TEAM Coalition offers the “Responsibility Has Its Rewards” sweepstakes:

Responsibility Has Its Rewards

The “Responsibility Has Its Rewards” (RHIR) sweepstakes is a season-long program involving all MLS clubs. Each fan who pledges to be a designated driver becomes registered for the sweepstakes by completing the pledge form and promising not to drink alcohol at the game, to drive their friends and family home safely and confirming they are older than the legal drinking age.

At the end of the season, one supporter who made the pledge is randomly selected as the Designated Driver for the Season from each MLS club. The Designated Drivers for the Season representing clubs that compete in MLS Cup receive two (2) tickets to the game, roundtrip airfare and hotel accommodations if necessary.

A trip to the next season’s MLS All-Star Game will be awarded to a randomly selected Designated Driver for the Season whose favorite MLS club did not compete in MLS Cup. The MLS All-Star Game trip includes two (2) tickets to the game, roundtrip airfare, and hotel accommodations if necessary.