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💬 Seb Hines: 'We showed a lot of character' following comeback draw with Racing Louisville

Orlando Pride Head Coach Seb Hines

Opening Statement 

“Hard fought point, we showed a lot of character toward the end [of the game]. It’s never easy to go two goals down in a game, especially in this league. I can’t fault the players, especially their attitude toward the end. You’re looking at players stepping up in that environment, which is tough to not only get the goal but then to see the game out. [It was] a really important point for us moving forward.” 

On Summer Yates scoring after working hard this offseason 

“Summer has put the effort in in the offseason. She’s had moments in preseason where she’s had to come in and make a difference and today, she did exactly what we asked of her. Her effort and even her tenacity defending, which is probably not something that she’s comfortable with, but to get the goal, the equalizing goal late in the game shows her worth and what we need for us to move forward.” 

On being able to score late and earn a point while being down a player 

“It’s the evolution of us. We go back to last year, we were the team that was giving up those late goals and getting nothing out of the game. I think it’s a really important step in the right direction for us to score late on, with 10 players, away from home. Like I said, it’s a really vital point and it shows the character and is a testament of the team and the togetherness of the team in these tough situations for us. Really pleased with the performance. Disappointed for us to go two-goals down in order for us to wake up and be our true selves but, again, it’s a really good confidence booster.”

Orlando Pride Forward Summer Yates 

On her equalizing goal 

“Before the goal happened, Adri[ana] played me one and I thought I had a sitter and I missed it. So I knew after that I was going to put myself in any opportunity to get that goal back. Angelina played a great ball in off the cross and I tried to time my run and find an opening and just place it. Once I saw the goal, I knew I could place it in the side. It’s super exciting to get that point here, it was an amazing feeling and a good start to the season.” 

On her mentality to come in as a substitute and make an impact 

“I think I have a good understanding of my role: to get on the ball, to cause chaos in the attack and score goals, obviously, and help us win games and tie games like in this scenario. I think I know my role and I think everyone on the bench knows their role also so it’s super exciting to be able to be that person today, but I think it was a good team fight today.” 

On what the fight shown tonight means moving forward 

“Last year that game could have ended in 2-0 but our mentality this year, who we are as a team, we’re not going to settle for losses on away trips. We’re always looking to at least get a point. Everyone knows that on this team and I think that’s really special this year and what we lacked last year – a lot of losses but not a lot of ties and those points matter coming into playoffs. So, as a whole, we have a good understanding of what we need to do on away trips, especially in scenarios where we are down to 10 players.”

Orlando Pride Midfielder Ally Lemos 

On how it felt to make her debut 

“It was surreal. Even when I got drafted, I was like ‘the little girl in me is screaming right now’ but especially this moment, today, making my debut, I was like ‘oh my gosh, it’s real.’ There’s nothing that can even start to compare to what I’m feeling right now, just pure joy. We walked away with some points, so it’s good.” 

On adjusting to her change in role from college 

“I’m just trying to own my role right now, whatever the team needs. We all want to win and we’re all trying to win. So whatever the coaches think is best, I’m totally 100 percent good with that and, like you said, just waiting for my name to be called and if it’s called, just being ready to go put my best foot forward and help us win.” 

On the mentality of the team to fight back and earn the point  

“I think it really shows our character. Seb said it right after the game, this whole game was a huge character test. Going down a [player] especially, you’re like ‘okay we need to buckle down it’s time to go.’ I’ve said it from the very beginning, this is such a special team and such a special environment, I think we really showed and embodied that today because it is not easy to be down 2-0, go down a [player] then come back to tie the game. So, yeah, I think it’s a big testament to our character.”

Orlando Pride (0-0-1) vs Angel City FC (0-0-0)

When: Friday, March 22, 8:00 p.m.

Where: INTER&Co Stadium, Orlando, FL

TV: Prime Video (subscription required)