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💬 Seb Hines: 'We just fell short' following match with Racing Louisville

Orlando Pride Head Coach Seb Hines

Overall thoughts on the game 

“Good start, to go two-nil up away from home. I think we were pretty comfortable and then...We've just looked at the goals [after the game], and it's our own doing. Individual errors that allow Louisville to win the game. It's something that we haven't seen recently, we've been [playing] really good. And, I hate to make excuses, but with the travel and injuries and so on, played part in the in the game. I can never fault the players’ efforts. They were brilliant, they battled all the way to the final whistle. And that's been a theme throughout the season. There's been the standards, we haven't always got the result at the end of it but today was disappointing considering where we were at the start the game.”  

On if the goal conceded before halftime impacted the team 

“You never want to concede that, at that time. You know, we talked about the “big five moments” and that's a big five moment. But when we do concede the message has been consistent: we have to keep battling, we keep fighting. They're going to throw more numbers into the attack, they obviously need to win this game, as do we, and we've got to stand up to that challenge of defending and concentrating and being together. Like I said, that's been a theme throughout the season. But we can't allow it to give teams goals and that's what we did today.” 

On if the travel from LA and two-game week impacted the result 

“It does have its challenges. You know, we tried our best. We just fell short. That's the nature of the league, that's the nature of this country, as well. And you're going to have to do a lot of traveling, long distance traveling. But again, we started the game really well. We got ourselves two-nil up but we allow them to get back into the game and any team that you play in this league, you can't you can't allow them to get back into the game or give them goals in that sense. So we'll reflect obviously. Again, there was the travel, a few injuries, a few players that were sick also, but they battled all the way to the end. They gave absolutely everything and I couldn't have asked any more from them for the 90 minutes.”

Orlando Pride Defender Rafaelle

Overall thoughts on the game 

“It was a really hard one to take after we're winning the game two up. To let them make it 3-2 is really hard for us. We came to get the three points and unfortunately, we're going to have to go back home and think about that game. But, once it's over, we have to think about beating the [Houston] Dash in this last game at home.” 

On what she saw from Louisville in the second half 

“I think all they had in the second half was their transitions and we were not ready. They're taking goal kicks fast and throw-ins fast and we're not really set for that. But I think also, because after a long trip from LA and everything this week, I think we kind of just sat back and waited for them but we should have kept the ball and tried to score another goal.” 

On how difficult it was to come off a big defensive game in LA 

“Yeah, it was really tough for us, especially after the LA game and a long trip. We defended the whole game [in LA] and we score two goals early in the game today and then I think we should have kept the ball a little more and be confident. Just try to hold it, because everybody was tired after that game [on Monday]. We defended the whole game against LA. Maybe we could have sat back and waited for them to come and not let them go on transitions and score again.”

Orlando Pride (9-11-1, 28 points) vs Houston Dash (6-6-8, 26 points)

When: Sunday, October 15, 5:30 p.m.

*Where: *Exploria Stadium, Orlando, FL

TV: Paramount+ (subscription required)