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💬 Seb Hines: 1-1 draw against Chicago Red Stars 'Defined by fine margins'

Orlando Pride Head Coach Seb Hines

Opening Statement 

“I felt we controlled the majority of the game. I thought we got in some really good areas. I think the last part of that is to get more shots on frame, make the goalkeeper work a little bit harder. But overall, I was pleased with the attitude, the desire to go and try and win the game. Chicago, coming into this game, were at the top of the table, two games with six points. We knew it was going to be a difficult game and knew that they [Chicago] were going to be stubborn and try to have us break them down. But it’s defined by fine margins, and we continue to grow. We’re still unbeaten, so you take the positives and move forward. We look forward to the next game.” 

On the changes made in the midfield from the first half to the second half 

“I think any team is going to adjust from first half to second half. I think you’re right, I think we found those players in those pockets of space early on in the first half, but again I think we can be a little bit more threatening once we get in those areas and get more shots and crosses, chances at goal and make it difficult for the opponent. So the adjustments they [Chicago] made, maybe their engagement line was a little bit higher, I still think there was passing lanes to play into them, but you also need to have a threat in behind and I think early on in the game, I didn’t think we had that threat in behind as much as we would’ve liked, but you know, again we’re still moving in the right direction. Players are still getting familiar with each other, we’re three games in and we’re on an upwards trajectory, so yeah, I’m still pleased, I’m still happy with where we’re at. Of course we would love three points after this game, but, you know, we’ll take the point and we move forward.” 

On keeping the team motivated going into the half with a lead 

“I mean, they have to reward themselves by putting the ball in the goal or getting their shots off. Again, we’re getting in really good areas, and it’s hard. It’s really hard to break down a low block, and when they’ve [Chicago] got so many bodies behind the ball, you’re almost asking for perfection at times. We just keep continuing that message. Maybe there’s little things that we can integrate into our training and have a better understanding when a player is here, can you make these two or three movements to get separation from a defender. Like I said, Chicago was very stubborn in how they defended, they got numbers behind the ball, but we’re getting in the areas. I think that’s encouraging that we are getting in those good areas to create opportunities to score, now it’s just the reward of putting it in the back of the net."

Orlando Pride Midfielder Morgan Gautrat

Opening Statement 

“I thought we had some really good plays in the game, and we got better from the last two games, and I think that’s what we’re headed for is progress every time. You know, obviously we want the win, especially at home early on, and I think we deserved it with the way we played. We just need to put some chances away. But I think for us, a tie, points, they matter down the stretch and I think that’s important, at least at this point.” 

On the flow of the midfield 

“I think just from their forward line you could hear at halftime they obviously didn’t want us to get on the ball more, so it was obvious that they were working on their front two and making sure they were screening balls into the midfield. I think that we still found pockets in the second half, but in the first half, obviously, there was a little bit more space. In this league, obviously, first half is always different from the second half, especially because you go in and make changes and I think that was one of the changes they tried to make.” 

On playing against her former team 

“Yeah, I actually played against them last year with Kansas City, and I think it was in maybe the Challenge Cup or something like that, so thankfully I had played them. The team is very different. I know about four people on the team since I was there, and for me I was there for six years and we kept some of the same core on the team for that long, now obviously the Chicago Red Stars are writing a new chapter, and so for me it’s not really the same because it’s so different.”

Orlando Pride Defender Emily Sams

Opening Statement  

“We’re a little disappointed, but we had more momentum, more shots, and more chances. Ultimately, we tied in points last year, those missed chances early on affected our ability to make it through. We can take this away as a positive and know we are in a better position than last year.” 

On her center back partnership with Kylie Strom 

“I love Kylie [Strom]. I've loved Kylie [Strom] since the day I got here. I think she’s more comfortable as an outside back due to her playing it longer, but she crushes as a center back. She's someone that I look up to, and someone I can rely on even though she's in a new position. It's been great working with her.” 

On the second half 

“One thing that we can work on is coming out a bit stronger and harder in the second half. We predicted they might press us more given that they were down a goal and how the first half went. We need to continue starting the second half on fire and not give them any opportunities to get back into the game. If they want to press higher then we play through them or play behind, especially toward the end of the second half.” 

On defending Mallory Swanson 

“It was fun to defend her tonight, she's just super-fast. I didn’t have the chance to play her last season. Watching her on TV, she’s an amazing player. I tried to take that away as much as possible to give myself space and drop out earlier to try and stop that threat from behind. Overall, I love playing against these big-time players.”