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💬 Jordyn Listro: Pride will learn from 'little details' following loss to Gotham FC

Orlando Pride Head Coach Seb Hines

Opening statement  

“We did not look like ourselves tonight. You can put multiple things on it, but we set a high bar from the last couple of games and the standards have been extremely high and you have seen the performance. We have just dropped that a little bit, whether that is down to the break, because we had so much good momentum and it probably came at the worst possible time for us, but I don’t like to make excuses. Performance wasn’t good enough. We had a good start, but then it is seeing it out throughout the whole game. Gotham took their goals well. Two goals from outside the box, but I think we will have to look at ourselves as we know we can do much better.” 

On the drop of energy after Gotham's first goal  

“You have to look at it, there are a couple of players who have not played significant minutes throughout the season and they are coming into the team. We’ve got a couple of injuries as well so here is an opportunity for them to play in a competitive game. My standards will always stay the same, it doesn't matter if you’ve played the last couple of games or you haven’t. We’ve set a high bar for everyone, and you have to reach that bar. I guess it was just down to not as many minutes as both players would have hoped for going into this game. Like I said, the team has been brilliant at setting such a high bar of standards and expectations and you don’t want to drop that, and you don’t want to compensate for players who’ve played. It’s one game after the break, we’ve got multiple games coming up and we want to get the ball rolling and have that momentum towards the end of the year. We started slow, but I’ve seen what the players are capable of doing and I know it's in them. I'm demanding, but I know what they're capable of doing. I've got full belief in them and what they can do.” 

On moving Mikayla Cluff to more attacking positions  

“She [Mikayla Cluff] is only a second-year pro and part of being here is challenging players into new positions. She didn't really change position from the last couple of games, she was more on the left-hand side, but we always look at the opponent and look at ways to manipulate the opponent. She played a left side role and Jordyn [Listro] came in and did really well in a position she's not familiar with filling in at right back. You always put formations, but it's the way you move pieces around. Having Mikayla [Cluff] in a more advanced position, and then obviously Erika [Tymrak] going inside as well, you're ultimately got two 10s up at moments and then you've got Ally [Watt] stretching the line. Formations are just starting points before the game for you guys, but for us it's about our system and style of play.”

Orlando Pride Midfielder Jordyn Listro

Opening statement 

“It was disappointing in the first half. Obviously we came out pretty strong and put them under pressure and got that early goal, but we needed to capitalize on other ones and just stay tight defensively and not turn off. Dissapointed in the result because that is a game we could have definitely won.” 

On the start of the second half 

“We always talk about the ‘big five [moments]’ and that is the five minutes after a goal is scored or the five minutes after halftime an I don’t think we were mentally prepared enough for those five minutes. Those were crucial moments in the game that we should have locked in and stayed focus. It is unfortunate, but we will learn from it.” 

On playing the entirity of the match 

“I love this team so much so whenever I get the opportunity, I want to maximize it and do whatever I can to help the team win. Unfortunately we didn’t get the result, but happy to get 90 minutes and help the team as much as I could.”

Orlando Pride Midfielder Erika Tymrak

On her assist 

“We work on set pieces a lot and it is a good area to capitalize in the game. We have really strong players in the air and I just tried to whip it in as hard as I can knowing if someone gets a head on it, it will go in. Megan [Montefusco] did a great job hitting the near post and I am stoked she scored that.” 

On captaining the squad for the first time 

“It means a lot especially coming out of retirement and now being able to wear the captain’s band in my home state, means a ton to me. I obviously wish we could have had a better result tonight, but we are going to keep pushing. The season is long, and we are going to just keep moving forward.” 

On how she approaches her role in each match 

“I feel like I am just a natural playmaker. I look to set people up immediately and we have top-class forwards, midfielders and wingers, so anytime I get it I am just trying to drive and slip people through. We have a lot of pace in our frontline so we try to exploit that. I wish I could have set up some more chances tonight but again, we move on to the next game.”

UKG Challenge Cup: Orlando Pride (0-2-1, 1 point) at North Carolina Courage (2-0-2, 8 points)

When: Saturday, July 29, 7:00 p.m.

Where: WakeMed Soccer Park, Cary, NC

TV: Paramount+ (subscription required)