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💬 Emily Sams: Pride showed 'A collective effort' defensively in comprehensive win over Angel City FC


Orlando Pride Head Coach Seb Hines

Opening Statement

”Very good all around. It is nice to come away from home and get three goals and a clean sheet. It is really important that we continue those clean sheets. It was nice to see Adriana get on the score sheet with two goals, unlucky not to get a hat trick. We caused them a lot of problems in possession, and I love the defensive effort. It takes everyone, not just the goalkeeper and the backline, but the collective effort to keep Angel City at zero.”

On setting the tone by scoring the first goal of the match

“We wanted to come here and set a tone early on and we wanted to quiet the crowd. The best way to do that is to score goals, so it is a terrific finish from Adriana. It is good for her confidence as well. In the last game both Barbra [Banda], Marta, Ally [Watt] had gotten goals, even Summer [Yates], so to get Adriana scoring as well adds another layer to our game. It is really nice to see everyone contribute on the score sheet in this period of the season. It has been really pleasing for me to watch and sit back and see the players going out there putting on performances like they did today.”

On the success of playing at Angel City

“It is a great environment to play in. Angel City have a great backing with their fans as I think it was closer to a full house tonight. I think we thrive off that. I think we enjoy being the spoilers here. I think every game has very been different, going back to last year and winning 1-0, there was a lot of defending throughout the whole game. I think today was a little bit different. I think we both went for it, both ourselves and Angel City. We had a lot of good possesion moments, created a lot more opportunities and again it was a great defensive effort. so we want to continue that momentum and belief moving forward.”

Orlando Pride Defender Emily Sams

Opening Statement

“That was a tough game. It is a tough environment, and they have a big crowd that wants to get behind them so the fact that we could put two away in the first half and it was a great brace from Adriana. I think we had the momentum in the first half and carried it into the second half and was a good win away from home.

On the effort from the backline to earn another clean sheet

“Collectively, I think we all just had that desire to keep the ball out of our own net. We were just throwing our bodies on the line. There was urgency defending when we had to and then of course putting the other team on their back foot helps our game defensively. Was just a collective effort when we had the ball to make the other team work for it and when we don't just everyone putting their body on the line and doing whatever it takes together.”

On setting the tone with the first goal of the match

“Definitely, as I said this is a hard place to come play, so I think just getting that first goal really changed the momentum and silenced their crowd a little bit. It gave us that little extra bit of oomph to keep going and get that second goal into halftime as well.”

Orlando Pride Defender Carrie Lawrence

On getting her first start of the season

“Obviously, I am super happy. I could not have done it without this group. They have encouraged me the whole entire way and I felt it on the field tonight. I am going to give all the credit to my teammates and the staff.”

On the process of getting to this moment

“I will be honest, it has been hard. It has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. I just kind of put my head down and continued to work every day. Like I said earlier, my teammates have been super supportive, and my faith has helped me through this whole entire thing. Obviously, I don’t take [days] off and I am just really happy.”

On plugging into the team’s system

“It is pretty crazy to get these results and get these shutouts at the same time. It has been awesome. As much as we love to win, we love to get shutouts and we know what it takes and it is not easy, but we all put our heads down and grind together. Obviously, the result shows that.”