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💬 Angelina: 'I just want to thank the staff and all my teammates' after returning to the pitch vs North Carolina Courage

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Orlando Pride Head Coach Seb Hines

Opening Statement

“The positives are the point on the road is probably something we would have taken before the game, no other team has done that against North Carolina. A cleans sheet as well, shutout. It is really important to start to get that going as well. After the game, it is almost a bittersweet taste in our mouths because we felt like we played really well. We were really aggressive in our press and caused a lot of troubles to North Carolina and a lot of turnovers. I think after all of it, we have to reward ourselves with a goal. We had countless amount of opportunities to score and I think on another day we take them. That will probably be the reflection this week going into the Utah game next week.”

On feeling disappointed after two straight draws in difficult places to play

“You can go back to last year and it was a catastrophic result here with both 5-0 and 3-0 and we remember those times. We haven’t always had a great experience here, but the evolution of this team is that they feel like they can go out there and get three points at any venue and that doesn’t change coming to North Carolina. We are going after it this year and you can see the determination with the players and their attitude, their competitiveness are first class. I thought the backline was brilliant tonight. Midfield and up front, the forward pressing as well had a really good togetherness with everything that we did tonight, but again we want to reward ourselves by putting the ball in the back of the net.”

On what contributes to not being able to finish chances off with a goal

“We will review it when we get home. We talked at halftime about when we are getting in those positions, can we have a little more desire to get into the box. Early on we had a really good opportunity, and, on another day, I think Marta probably goes to the other side. We had a few balls in behind where we were in crossing positions, and can we have a little bit more determination to get into the box? We identified that with the players, and you could see there was a change in that in the second half getting into those dangerous areas. Lastly, can we get shots at goal, can we make the goalkeeper work a little bit harder? That will be the finishing touch on it.”

Orlando Pride Defender Brianna Martinez

Opening Statement

“Obviously we always want to walk away from every game with three points, so disappointed we only got one. Also, a good thing that it was on the road, and we were able to get one out of it. Our effort was there, I think technically we could have been a little bit better. We kept the ball, but I think we were defending a lot in the game. Moving into our next game we just need to tune up our touches and passes for sure.”

On earning the first points at WakeMed Soccer Park by a road team

“We are proud to be the first team to give them a tough game at home, but also disappointed because we know we could have beat them and walked away with three points.”

On goalkeeper Anna Moorhouse and her performance

“She is awesome. As a defender, knowing she is behind me, her communication is really good and makes my job easier. She had a really big night and got the shutout, which is good. Really good performance from her.”

On the disappointment to play to a draw

“We know how we can play. I think we have seen glimpses of our best soccer so far and I don’t think we played our best soccer tonight. That is where the disappointment is coming from because we know we could have played better soccer.”

Orlando Pride Midfielder Angelina

Opening Statement

"It was a really tough game and really physical. I think we did play a great game. In the first and second half we were great at possessing. I just think in the final third we didn’t do as well today. We didn’t get the end product and we are kind of frustrated with that, but I think the team itself did really well.”

On making her return from injury

“I just want to thank the staff and all my teammates. They were there for me the whole way. It was like five weeks to get back on the field. I just feel great. They gave me great support through my recovery. I feel healthy and I feel great on the field.”

On the disappointment to play to a draw

“It is definitely a culture thing. I think this year we are striving for wins everywhere we go, it doesn't matter if it is away or at home. We came here to win and get those three points. We played a great first and second half, so I think that is why we were kind of frustrated to not get the three points.”