At the core of our development model within the Academy is technical excellence. Our coaching staff will use the training principles below to develop a complete player. 

The first key training principle to be explained is pretty simple. Core to our development model within the Academy is technical excellence. Young players will only improve this aspect of their game if they are allowed to use the ball. Therefore every training exercise (apart from the warm-up & cool down) requires the players to manipulate the ball in various ways. 

Technical, tactical, athletic & cognitive development are combined and present in all training exercises. Depending on the objective of the session the coach can make adjustments to create a Dominant Principle.  

A training exercise can be structured to enhance the demands on a specific element. For example a passing drill in one session can focus solely on technical development through the coaches communication & coaching points. In the next session, the coach can add defenders into the exercise which adds a decision making element, shifting the focus solely from technical to include tactical development. 

All training practices & sessions should be specific to the Academy’s style of play. Whether this is a 7 v 7 game or a functional practice aspects of the style of play and behaviour of the players should mirror that of a ‘real game’. This is vital for the development of young players as they must be allowed to perform the same actions that are demanded of them in games. 

In order to create good habits the players must repeat certain skills & techniques (for this it is also vital that the coaching points are correct). The repetition doesn’t take the form of just repeating the same training drills all the time, instead a variety of exercises can be used to develop the one skill.