No Fear

Orlando City SC vs. Sporting Kansas City
May 13, 2017

By: Patricia Mesquita

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The general concept  of the 3 posters put together for the month of May was to showcase one of Orlando's well known area, Lake Eola/Downtown Orlando. All three posters have the themes of pride for Orlando as well for Orlando City and what it has brought to many people, especially me. Each poster has a sub-theme which reflects on each match's opponent (sorta taking a jab at them, but in a friendly way) and showcases a reminder of who is the boss in our city grounds. 

The OC vs. Kansas City poster, centers around the theme of the Wizard of Oz and the whole famous quote "we're not in Kansas anymore" as our Lions aren't cowardly and have no fear on the pitch. The OC vs. New York poster, I wanted to center around New York's iconic landmark, the Statue of Liberty and what it stands for, opportunity (something I personally feel like Orlando has brought to me and many others). And last, the OC vs. DC poster's theme is freedom, and how much of a free atmosphere we have in our city's grounds and skies.


I was born in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. I moved to Miami, FL at the age of 8, where I grew up with all kinds of art and inspiration surrounding me, which eventually led me to exploring my own creative passion and current career in the field of Graphic Design. I moved to Orlando in 2012 to attend at UCF, where I graduated with a BFA in Emerging Media - Graphic Design in 2016. Currently, I'm a freelance Graphic Designer/artist.

I love finding different ways to express myself and my creativity through my work. Soccer has always been in my life, so I've always been inspired by the passion in the sport. I love to travel and explore the world, which also inspire me and my work. I love meeting new people and learning new things and hope to always continue to be able to grow and improve on myself and also my work.

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