Participate as a Supporter

  1. Drive Attention
    1. Tell your favorite gameday restaurants, bars and small local businesses and send them the link so they can register. 
    2. Sharing this campaign with your friends and family is important for our virtual gameday efforts! Support your favorite local businesses by getting others involved in this campaign via Instagram, Twitter, or in your group chats. Don’t forget to use #ALLforORL.
  2. Financial Support
    1. We will be regularly updating the #ALLforORL map with all participating restaurants, bars, etc. Virtually recreate your gameday experience including the route that you normally take to Exploria Stadium or go directly to your favorite spots on the map. With one click on your favorite small local business you will land on their campaign page and will be able to support them with a donation.
    2. If your favorite bar/restaurant is currently operating, feel free to order some delivery or takeout to get you ready for the match. 

March On

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t own a restaurant/bar, but want my favorite small local business to participate.

Post about #ALLforORL on your social media channels to make the owners aware of the virtual gameday campaign! Make sure to tag the restaurant/bar you want to participate.

I can’t find my favorite restaurant/bar on the #ALLforORL map.

They might not have started a GoFundMe campaign. Or they may have forgotten to include #ALLforORL in the campaign title.

What different forms of payments are available?

GoFundMe supports many different forms of payment, please visit click here for more info.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

$5 is the minimum donation amount.

I can’t donate money, is there any other way I can support?

Absolutely! Amplify our campaign by posting about it on your social media channels using #ALLforORL! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, etc.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes. For more information click here.

Will there be additional virtual gamedays in the future?

Yes, the plan is to host a virtual gameday for a #CityClassics match each Saturday. Follow Orlando City on Instagram or Twitter for more details.