March On

No matter what happens, through ups or downs, win or lose, rain or shine, our Club continues to be the glue that binds our City together. Now, more than ever, our small local businesses and bars in Central Florida need our support. #ALLforORL

Picture a sunny Saturday: it’s gameday. From your front door to The Wall, what does your gameday routine look like? What’s your superstitious lunch spot with friends? Which watering hole has your favorite pregame drinks? Where do you watch the match on away days? Where do you pick up your beer and food from when watching games from home? Yeah… we miss it too.

While our matches are postponed due to our collective efforts to battle COVID-19, we’re establishing a new gameday ritual: virtual gamedays. Every Saturday, we will be streaming some of the most exciting classic matches in the history of our Club on our website. But gameday is never really gameday without the many small neighborhood local shops that make our gameday experience so special. That’s why, as part of this new virtual ritual, we’re encouraging you to pay a visit (pun intended) to your favorite small local businesses so you can choose to either donate a few dollars or order some great gameday food for takeout or delivery to enjoy the match.

These small businesses, and their employees, are all suffering during the current crisis. That’s why we’ve created this platform to connect you with your favorite gameday spot so you can support them with a few bucks - just like you would on gameday. Let’s show the world once again what we can do when our community rallies together to support each other.

How to get involved?

If you are a small local restaurant or bar owner, or owner of a local business, click the link below to register your business and/or start a fundraising campaign. Once you complete the process, you will appear on the digital map and fans will be able to donate directly to your campaign.

Small Local Business Registration

If you are a fan and would like to support your favorite local business, here’s how you can help:

  1. Start your virtual gameday journey to Exploria Stadium by clicking the link below and navigate the map to find your favorite places. Then donate just like you were buying a beer or a sandwich. If your favorite small local business is currently operating, feel free to order some delivery or takeout to get you ready for the match. 
  2. Rep your support on social by using #ALLforORL and share this initiative and platform with the world.
  3. Don’t see your favorite small local business on the map? Send them a tweet, message or DM to let them know about the program and encourage them to sign up.
  4. Don’t have the money to donate right now? No problem. Share this initiative with a friend that might be able to help.

Show Your Support

Why this initiative?

Orlando City and Orlando Pride are nothing without our fans, businesses and communities that support us. Whether you are visiting your local market, coffee shop, restaurant or bar, on gamedays, our city shines purple. Together we can support our small local businesses to make sure they are still there when we return home to Exploria Stadium. #ALLforORL