The following items may not be brought into the Orlando City Soccer Club stadium: air horns, wrapped gifts or items, cans, bottles, coolers, sealed packages, drones, chemicals, plastic beverage containers, outside food and beverages, balloons (regular/helium), oversized bags or backpacks, pets (other than service animals), laser pointers/pens, sticks (including those on pennants or flags and selfie sticks) or weapons (guns, knives, chains, spikes, projectiles, tasers etc.) of any sort. All purses and bags are subject to inspection upon entering the venue.  

Guests are advised to arrive early to facilitate an expeditious entry.  See Weapons for additional prohibited items that are including, but not limited to the items listed under Prohibited Items.

Signs / Banners / Flags / Posters

For 2017 only recognized supporter club (RSC) members are allowed to bring a flags, banners and other signage into the home supporter section. Security will verify they are an RSC member of the Ruckus or ILF via showing their membership card. . All signs, banners, flags, posters must follow these guidelines: 

  • Item must be related to the event
  • Item may not be attached to a stick/pole
  • Item may not be larger than 12" x 24" in dimension.
  • Item may not obstruct any sponsors/advertisers signage
  • Item may not be hung, attached, or displayed on any part of the building
  • Item may not contain or display obscene/offensive language and/or pictures, as determined by Orlando City Soccer Club management
  • Item may not be constructed or displayed in a manner that may obstruct the view of other guests or in any way create a safety hazard for others as determined by Orlando City Soccer Club management
  • See – Supporters (Iron Lion Firm & Ruckus) Section for items that appear here as prohibited, but are allowed in the Supporters stands.


Recognized Supporter clubs have certain privileges, which include:

  • Use of flags and tifos
  • Use of drums / instruments
  • Use of controlled smoke